Designing the Organization of the Future

UntitledImagine an organization that brings out the best in people and removes the undesired weight of constant decision-making from those in charge. An organization driven and aligned by purpose, supported by a structure that distributes the power to the project teams that know best, ideally resulting in a massive reduction of stress for everybody. Is such a thing possible?

What happens if we start asking entirely different questions about the organization? If we shift from “how much” to questions such as: “what for”, “why” and “how”? We wanted to explore just that, so Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller and the LiFT team invited Frederic Laloux (“Reinventing Organizations”, Belgium), Christian Felber (“Economy for the Common Good”, Austria) and Tom Thomison (“Holacracy”, US) to Vienna last week.

More than a hundred keen participants joined us in a 1.5 day workshop event in Vienna. The first half a day was spent listening to global thought leaders debating the issue, the second day was spent in the Vienna IMPACT HUB figuring out how each of us could explore and advance these ideas in our own organizational realities. We used the Collaboratory methodology for the process. The outcome? YES, it is possible to design such new organizations, AND we cannot rebuild the world in one day! (more…)